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Fan Shootout Lubomir Visnovsky

NotaPublicado: Jue, 18 Ene 2018, 08:39
por sherry2018love
What kind of training do you do in the off-season to stay in shape?- Broydon Stufko, Prescott, Ont.It depends on if I play in the world championship, Peyton Manning Jersey then I dont have as much time. I have a conditioning coach who gives me a special program for two months and I try to keep skating and get on the ice a lot.What was your favorite team growing up?- Danny Bader, Mitchell, Ont.Growing up under a communist system we didnt get to see NHL teams, so my favorites were Slovan Bratislava and Dukla Trencin.Whats your favorite thing to do in L.A. when you have a few days off?- Aden Rongve, Saskatoon, Sask.A Pat McAfee Jersey lot of the guys, myself included, have places near Manhattan Beach on the ocean, so I like to go there. Ill go walking or biking, get energy from the sun sometimes my girlfriend and I will go rollerblading.Is there any feeling of regret amongst Czech and Slovak players (both in NHL and in our respective countries elite leagues) about the 1993 split? Im just looking at the combined talent pools and imagining that the breakup came at the worst po sible time. Andrew Luck Jersey - Dan Rakusan, OttawaI remember when the countries split in 1989, then formed two teams in 93. We started in Group C so it was very tough. I have a lot of Czech friends. For hockey, it wasnt so good. If we were one team now, maybe wed beat Canada and win more gold medals.What have been the best and worst moments of your career?- Ryan Wright, New Hazelton, B.C.I have a couple best moments. My first season we beat Detroit in the first round and it was a great atmosphere. My first game ever was against Washington and my first goal was against Phoenix. Plus winning goal at the worlds in Sweden. My worst moment is right now - were in last place and were not going to the playoffs. That, or getting injured and not being able to play. Plus, the Olympic qualifier when we couldnt get all our NHLers out and didnt make the final eight.Click HERE to ask Marvin Harrison Jersey your favorite NHL player a question now!