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Report If Penguins win the Cup recently-

NotaPublicado: Mar, 16 Ene 2018, 09:23
por sherry2018love
Penguins veteran Pascal Dupuis retired in December due to blood clots, but remains loved by teammates and could be part of an emotional Stanley Cup exchange. Sixmonths after he was JaWuan James Jersey forced to retire due to ongoing problems with blood clots, Penguins left winger Pascal Dupuis remains very much part of the team.So much so, that a report suggests he will be one of the first to get to lift the Stanley Cup if the Penguins win it on Thursday.Si les #Penguins gagnent la #CoupeStanley ce soir, le plan serait que Pascal Dupuis soit l'un des premiers la soulever. Jonathan Bernier (@JBernierJDM) June 9, 2016Translation:If the Penguins win the Stanley Cup tonight, the plan is for Pascal Dupuis to be one of the first to lift it. That's according to Journal Bob Griese Jersey de Montreal hockey reporter Jonathan Bernier.It would be a touching gesture by the Penguins, but not all that surprising given how much Dupuis is and was loved by Anthony Fasano Jersey his teammates. Dupuis mi sed more than 70 games over the past two seasons due to his condition, and decided to retire in December after playing 18 games this year.He was honored by the Penguins days later and had to fight back tears during an emotional video tribute. He was also the Penguins Masterton Trophy nominee.Dupuis, 37, played his final nine seasons with the Penguins and was part of the 2009 Stanley Cup champion team.SeeingPenguins captain Sidney Crosby, or whoever else makes the exchange, pa s the Cup on to Dupuis would be an emotional Lawrence Timmons Jersey moment akin to Joe Sakic handing the Cup to Ray Bourque in 2001.If you're cheering for the Penguins in the series, here's another reason to hope they end itat home on Thursday.