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#768 WINNIPEG - Male hockey fans in the Manitoba capital want a faster way to answer the Luke Willson Jersey call of nature.Hundreds have signed an online petition arguing bathrooms at the home of the Winnipeg Jets can't handle the current flow of traffic. And they have a retro solutionthey're calling on the MTS Centre to replace the modern single urinals with old-fashioned metal troughs.The petitioners say most of the 15,000 hockey fans at games are beer-drinking men who need the bathroom at least once."Bring back the trough," reads the petition, that was signed by more than 200 people as of Wednesday morning. "After finishing 4+ beers, the average Joe has to go do his busine s. The new washroom Frank Clark Jersey service in the MTS Centre cannot handle the capacity."They complain male fans have to spend too long in between hockey periods to pee and risk mi sing some of the action. The lineups also slow down traffic in the arena concourse, the petition argues."I think it's ridiculous that when u leave at the end of the second period to take a (pee) and come back in the middle of the third," wrote one signatory. "There is Nick Vannett Jersey something seriously wrong with that!"Replacing urinals with a trough would mean 10 guys could relieve themselves at a time instead of just four. The troughs were used in the old Winnipeg Arena and are still at Canad Inns Stadium, the former home of the CFL Blue Bombers.Resurrecting the communal urinal has caught on among some diehard fans, both male and female.One petitioner fondly remembers the trough as a "drive-through bathroom" with C J Prosise Jersey no lineup. Another says the trough "made it a joy to go pee.""The system now is totally flawed and I almost pee my pants just waiting in line," he wrote.